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Multi-Instrumentalist / Singer / Songwriter Gorka de la Cámara who grew up in Bilbao, Spain, formed the Post-Punk band infiniteloop in Olso, Norway in 2008. Releasing their debut EP in 2011 the band toured around Norway, in Berlin and New York attracting national and international attention. After a forced break of several years, Gorka emerged back in the city of Bilbao in 2019 where, after a careful selection, he found several old friend and very talented musicians, and reformed infiniteloop. Among their shared influences they count Joy Division, Bowie, and Echo and the Bunnymen, which is infused with a  sprinkling of culturally diverse influences from flamenco to folk alt. country artists like Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen. The result is a collaborative rebirthing of the band which hold true to Gorka's original Post-Punk vision while evolving into it’s own infusion of modern and classic influence.

infiniteloop is an experimental post-punk band, touching different landscapes, sounds and genres with their own expression. Their distictive, dark and gloomy sound, reflected by the four-man lineup, is presented with truth, emotion and energy. Being carried by songwriter and lead singer, Gorka de la Cámara, they create music to move and scar all ears that care to listen. They share musical universe with sister bands like Longwave, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, Editors, etc. 
What makes infiniteloop standout?

Two words, solid songwriting.

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